Your  exclusive contact for a wonderful cruise aboard the Ikan Terbang


Bruno & Fanny Chatagnon



Indonesia : + 62 812 463 642 04 /+ 62 821 474 624 12

France : + 33 6 87 81 86 57 / +33 4 76 53 42 10


We can speak English, French and Indonesian and we will be your guide during all your cruise






Bruno, your  skipper, owner of the Ikan Terbang with Fanny, Padi Dive Matster and more than 10 years in Indonesia, Geologist, Alpinist and Climber. He will be your guide during all your cruise in the National Park of Komodo and  anywhere

Fanny, more than 10 years in Indonesia.  She will be your hostess  onboard.  She is engineer and Padi Rescue Diver. She will be specially in charge of your perfect comfort during your cruise. Ask her for exemple for a special italian coffee in the morning.!


Mite, our Captain, he knows perfectly the National Park of Komodo and can drive the boat everywhere in the middle of the thousand of the  small  islands and reefs of the Park. Mite is also our cook and will prepare for you delicious food at any time and even when the sea is not so perfect.

Peter, our mecanic and a real sailorman. He takes care of the  engine and is  always smiling and laughing .When you need something onboard: a tea, a coffee or a cold soft drind ask to him , he will be very happy to help you.  The children love him. Peter can guess wher are the Manta Rays under the sea before everybody.

Ikan Terbang

PT Berlayarku Beda

Jalan Danau Poso 38 - Sanur – Bali – Indonesia

Tel: +62 812 463 642 04


Website: www.ikan-terbang.com